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Given the dearth of posting last week, which was only the second week in this blog’s history, I thought I’d make a small note that, effective Monday, I will be returning to full-time work after twelve weeks as a stay-at-home dad.

My intention with this blog has been to post at least three times per week, if not daily to include brief comments on small news items, though that fell by the wayside last week as we had friends/family in town and I finished out some final domestic responsibilities–and perhaps more importantly, spent some last weekday afternoons with our daughter, attempting to teach her how to sit (no dice so far). At any rate, though I’m sure that maintaining a regular blog will be challenging alongside the return to work, it is my intention.

Lastly, after playing around with both platforms, I’m planning on moving forward with WordPress instead of the similar blog I’ve been keeping at Tumblr. While I’m not too keen on the template for this blog (I find it a tad boring), the flexibility of the WordPress platform far exceeds Tumblr, which after all is intended as more of a microblogging platform, sort of a lovechild between WordPress and Twitter. For now, I plan on sticking with the genuine article.

More to come later this week in response to a few things I’ve been reading.


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